Melts my heart! {NYC & Westchester Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Toddler Photographer}

My longest newborn session to date! But if I had to spend 5 hours with anyone, it would be this little guy and his family. They are the type of family you can just see love radiating between them. They are so in love with their little boy, especially big brother. This little guy just stole my heart in every way. Every once in a while a baby or family will come in that you just feel a special connection to. You don’t know how or why it happens. But it just does. This was one of those families. I hope to work with them for many years to come!

Just a friendly public service announcement regarding this image and many images on this page which are done as composite images. That is, 2 or more images combined in photoshop. There is a lot of editing involved to make the impossible look possible. I always practice safety first. If it looks unsafe, it probably is. So do not attempt. Photoshop is a magical thing! With the evolvement of Pinterest many people are trying things they wouldn’t normally or asking other photographers to imitate desirable photos. Don’t always believe what you see in a photo. You never know what kind of work was put into it. 

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