LaLaLoopsy {NYC & Westchester Cake Smash, Baby, Toddler Photographer}

Ok so I have to admit (just don’t tell anyone), I didn’t know who LaLaLoopsy was until my baker explained it to me! Luckily she was all too familiar with the button eyes doll. I guess my kids aren’t old enough yet but little Laila seemed to enjoy her! She was very intrigued by the edible doll that sat atop her cake. A cake she wasn’t very enthusiastic about at first. Though I bet you could never tell by these photos! I always tell people 80% of babies don’t eat the cake, even though it appears as though they do. Parents often worry that if they don’t go running full speed ahead into the cake, it wasn’t a successful cake smash. This is a perfect example of how that is NOT the case at all 🙂


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