FAQ #1 What kind of camera do you use?!

What kind of camera do you use???I get this question A LOT. And its funny. Because it really does go to show you that it really IS the photographer, not the camera! Much like the type of stove doesn’t make the chef, or the type of pen doesn’t make the author, the type of camera doesn’t make the photographer. I have a pretty mediocre camera. Don’t get me wrong…. I am saving up for the big guns because having a great camera does enhance what you can actually do with the it in different situations. But I shoot Nikon and have a D90. Like i said, its certainly not the best, nor is it the worst but some of you may even have the same one. I hope, in a few months time, to own a D700 or D800 but for now, what i have works well, especially in a studio environment where I can control the light.
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