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Little Whimsies Photography takes great pride in the work we provide. From the first contact, to the moment your photos are in your hands and on your walls, I want to be sure you are fully satisfied. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than working with parents to capture memories that will last a lifetime. I, myself, have 2 small children so I know how important it is. I like to look at my work as a merging of 2 visions; the client and the photographer. Photographers, these days, are a dime a dozen. It is important that you choose a photographer that you trust to take your ideas and style and be able to blend it with their artistic vision to create a masterpiece. That is the essence of custom photography; being able to take an idea and develop upon it using your own creativity. I treat each client as if they were my family. My goal is to make sure each client walks away with their own unique part of me.

Maternity Sessions

I personally think the best time for maternity sessions is between 32-36 weeks. But really, it is up to you. You want to be big enough to show off that gorgeous bump but not too big that you will be uncomfortable getting up and down. This often varies from woman to woman. For first time moms, their bellies may not begin to reach their full potential until late in their pregnancy. Second (Third, Fourth, etc.) time moms sometimes show much sooner and become more uncomfortable sooner. Husbands and other children are always welcome and encouraged to participate.

Maternity sessions are so personal. There are so many variables. Do you want to show your bare belly? Do you want any (tasteful of course) nude or semi nude portraits? Do you have any particular poses in mind? I want to know these things! Prior to your session I like to consult with you in order to get a better idea of what you want to see. My goal is to know I made eery effort possible to see both of our visions meet and produce a photo you would be proud to display.

 Newborn Sessions

If you are thinking of having a newborn session for your baby, please contact me prior to the birth so I can reserve a spot for you. While we wont be able to pinpoint an exact date, it will give me an idea of how to schedule other shoots around that time. If you haven’t contacted me during your pregnancy and still wish to set up a session, do not hesitate to contact me! I try to be as flexible as possible with these types of sessions.  Please contact me as soon as possible after the baby is born so we an set up an exact date and time of your session.

These should be done within the first 2 weeks after your baby is born. This is the optimal time for photographing newborns is between 6 and 10 days as they are the most sleepy and most flexible during this time. Usually newborn acne and hair loss have not occurred yet and their coloring has stabilized a bit by that point. Newborns change so incredibly fast. You want to capture those first weeks! Trust me! If your baby does have acne, is jaundiced, or has drying skin, please do not postpone your session. Careful editing will clear up those issues. It is best to do the session within the two week time frame. know how overwhelming it can be to leave the house in those first few weeks. But rest assured you will be in a comfortable, clean, homy environment where you will be able to sit back and relax and let me take care of your babe for a few hours. Clients have even been known to take a little snooze on the couch while I work. Family and sibling photos are always welcomed. Depending on the age of the siblings, you may want to arrange for them to arrive at the beginning and leave early or come towards the end of a session. 2-3 hours is sometimes a long time to wait. I do however, have toys and crayons as well as the television to occupy little ones. You know your children best.

Newborn sessions last around 3 hours, give or take. I don’t usually go by the clock, as babies cant tell time! Often times the first hour of the session is spent feeding and soothing your baby into a deep sleep so they can be posed without rousing them. You may have to feed your baby multiple times during the session and that’s ok! Going off scheduled feedings during a newborn session is sometimes unavoidable. Sometimes they eat a little more than usual since they are being disturbed. It’s a patience game. And I don’t mind playing 🙂

 Babies and Toddlers

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If you miss out on your chance at a newborn session or want to continue to chronicle your babies first year, there is a range of options available. Your babies first year is full of new milestones. The most development occurs during this year and nothing pleases me more than to make memories along with you and your family. Please inquire about discounted rates for returning clients as well as Baby Plans which capture your babies first year in increments of 3, 4, or 6 months. Please see below for your portrait guide for baby’s first year!

 Cake Smash

Its so hard for me to decide which sessions I enjoy most but Cake Smashes are definitely high in the ranking. There is nothing more entertaining than seeing a baby taste that first bit of icing. Some are timid at first, some enthusiastic. But my favorite are the ones ending with a mess that has me steam mopping for days 🙂 I love coordinating with parents on these special sessions. Is there a specific color scheme you really love or a theme that calls to you? I love to translate that onto canvas. I have had some really unique and special cake smash sessions that still leave a silly grin on my face when I think about them. If you have seen Little Whimsies featured on TLC’s “CAKE BOSS”, you might know just what I mean. If you haven’t, check your local listings for replays of this classic Episode entitled “Cake Smash”.

Cake Smashes can be done a little before your babies birthday (or after). Please be aware that it may take up to three weeks to receive your proofs. So if you need your photos for birthday invites, thank you cards, or to display at a party, please schedule accordingly. Usually, we work together to tie in a specific color scheme or theme and build upon that idea. Cake smash attire can be anything your heart desires. Some parents prefer a minimalist approach with a simple diaper cover while others love a good romper or tutu. Its personal preference. We can work together to decide what will work best with the theme. The cake is provided and included at no additional fee. However, please note, if your child has any food allergies I do ask that you provide the cake yourself and can refer you to a baker that can best accommodate you.

General Attire

Clothing makes all the difference in a photo session. When doing a family shoot, try and coordinate your clothing but not match it. Complementary colors are always nice. Simple is better. Busy prints, patterns, logos, cartoon characters, sports themed clothing should be avoided. If you have any questions, or need suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask. I always try and coordinate and compliment your clothing choices and my backdrop choices. If you know what you will be wearing, I often ask that you send me a quick snapshot of it, even if just with your cell phone, so I can get a better idea of how to coordinate.


Portrait Guide Cheat Sheet

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